lawn care tips from the pros

Everyone loves beautiful and lush grass, especially during the hot summer months. Keeping your grass looking beautiful and healthy is a constant battle for anyone with a garden. However, it is possible to have the ideal lawn of your dreams right in your garden. 

A healthy, green lawn needs some work but the reward is priceless. Our easy to follow basic tips for a beautiful lawn will simplify the process so that you can have a gorgeous garden that your neighbors will surely envy. Just follow these basic care tips to help you to have a beautiful lawn ready for the summer. 

Good base for sowing is crucial for a quality lawn 

In order to have a nice, quality lawn you must have a good base for sowing. Grass needs light, airily soil so that its roots can get all the necessary water, nutrition and oxygen for your lawn to be green and healthy. 

Then comes the sowing – whether you are just starting your lawn or you want to repair your current one sowing is what you begin with. After choosing the suitable grass seed and making sure your soil is good enough to start sowing the seeds equally throughout all the grassland.

Watering is essential, make sure the grass has enough moisture

When done with the sowing and making sure you have enough seeds, you should also make sure the grass has enough moisture. Even if you are lucky enough to live in an area that has enough rain, watering the grass seeds after sowing is a must. 

Do it thoroughly so you can help your grass grow. Healthy grass needs between 2.5-5 cm water weekly. If you are not using a self-watering system and are watering your lawn using a sprinkler or by hand you should be aware that the watering should be short because that way you will avoid puddles and water runoff. 

The watering should be done early in the morning or late afternoon when it is cooler. This will keep your grass from getting burned in the sun. When watering, make sure the water is spread homogeneously across the lawn without missing certain areas/spots or overflooding.

Fertilising is crucial for the healthy growth of your lawn grass

Your lawn will maintain it’s healthy and lush looks if you use suitable fertilizer. Choose your fertilizer depending on the season.  In early spring use fertilizer only after you have mowed the lawn for a couple of times. In autumn make sure you have used the fertilizer before the first frost.

Mowing regularly will ensure that your lawn portrays the best looks.

One of the most important things, when proper lawn maintenance is in question, is the proper mowing. Once a week is the perfect mowing frequency. Make sure the blades of your mower are not set too low because cutting the grass to close to the ground can easily destroy it. 

The best thing is to cut the top 1/3 of the grass. If your current grass height is 15 cm and you want to make it 5 cm – don’t do it with only one mowing. Cut only 5 cm first, then leave the grass to rest for a couple of days. When the grass has adapted to its new height you can cut the second 5 cm. Never mow in circles.

Weeds must be kept under control 

If the grass needs to fight the weeds in order to get more nutrients and water from the soil than it is more likely it won’t thrive. Keeping the weeds under control is crucial for a beautiful lawn, weeds must be fought throughout the whole year. 

You can find fertilisers that contain anti weeds substances that can be effective in the weeds fight. If you notice crabgrass make sure you remove it with the roots. If a noticeable area has been affected then you should sow some new grass seeds over it and water them well. With weeds there is one rule – little work now is much better than a lot of work later.

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