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How to choose the right lawnmower

Looked at a few lawnmower models and unsure which one to pick? Or been guilty of winging it with a reputable brand, without knowing if the model’s right for your needs? 

Whether you’ve done your research or not, the best way to find out if a robotic lawnmower is right for you is to get in touch.

In the meantime, here’s some key things to consider when choosing a new lawnmower:

What kind of power source do you need?

Do you want a petrol, corded, battery or manual (push) lawnmower? We break each one down depending on your needs and what type of lawn you have.

Petrol lawnmowers have a powerful 4-stroke engine and provide unparalleled performance. Ideal for larger lawns for both professional and domestic use, a petrol lawnmower has no trouble tackling the most challenging of lawns. It can also cope with uneven surfaces and frequent or prolonged use. Making things easier, they’re of course cordless - giving you greater freedom of movement. 

For better fuel efficiency and lower emissions, look out for models with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection).

Electric lawnmowers (corded) are more suited for domestic use. Compact and easy to maintain, they’re great for small lawns and occasional use. Requiring a nearby power socket, they’ll never run out of charge halfway through mowing. 

However, while they’re a more eco-friendly option, they’re not recommended if you need unrestricted movement or you’re working in a remote area. They also lack the power and capacity of a petrol lawnmower, which is why we’d suggest them for smaller areas. Just make sure you take extra care with the cable as it can get in the way of cutting and be a health and safety risk.

Battery lawnmowers are more or less the same as electric corded lawnmowers, only they feature a rechargeable battery - giving you the freedom to mow without cords.

However it’s worth noting that they only last as long as the battery charge (not forgetting the time it takes to recharge too). So we’d say they’re best suiter for domestic use on smaller lawns. If you’re cutting a large area, you might want to consider buying a spare battery or a ‘fast-charge unit’ (only available for certain models).  

Manual lawnmowers are the cheapest option as you provide the power to make them move. With no cables or petrol, they’re ideal if you’re working to a budget and don’t mind the labour. That said, they’re better suited to smaller lawns. 

To see the pros and cons of petrol and electric lawnmowers, check out our FAQs page.

Is convenience a top priority?

If mowing your lawn is a chore, you might want to consider investing in a more technologically advanced lawnmower to get the job done faster and more efficiently. 

Many of the latest petrol and electric lawnmowers are self-propelled, which means they move on their own or at a set or variable speed, making it easier for you by eliminating the need to push. 

Alternatively, hover lawnmowers glide over the grass, which requires less effort on your part, but they may struggle with uneven surfaces or long grass. They also don’t have a grass collection compartment.

Want to mow your lawn without (almost) lifting a finger? A robotic lawnmower is a completely automated solution that lets you buy back time without the hard labour. Find out more about our robotic lawnmowers.

For ultimate comfort and convenience, check out our ride-on lawnmowers. Ideal for larger areas, they’re both time-saving and require minimal effort. Find out more about our ride-on lawnmowers.

How do you plan to use it?

Do you want a fairly basic lawnmower or something with more features? Now’s the time to consider any additional things you want from your lawnmower. 

Long story short: cylinder blades provide a more precise cut, but they’re expensive to buy, service and maintain. On the flip side, rotary blades do a great job and are the most popular choice as they’re more widely available and a cheaper alternative to buy, service and repair. So it’s worth thinking about what you’d prefer long-term. 

For more information on the different types of cutting tools and widths for lawnmowers, check out our FAQs

Want a beautiful striped finish? You’ll need a lawnmower with a rear roller that presses the grass on each pass. 

The majority of domestic lawnmowers come with a rear basket or compartment to collect grass clippings. They often have additional features such as a mulching/recycling plug to scatter the clippings (some even have this functionality built-in). 

Want to know more about mulching versus collecting grass clippings? Head over to our FAQs.

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