Arb & Grounds are the largest suppliers of lawnmowers in Derby.

We are official suppliers of Stihl, Hayter, Weibang, Stiga, Masport, Cobra, Grillo and many others.

As well as selling, we also service and repair any of the above brands (plus a lot more) in our specialist workshop.

Committed to providing exceptional customer service, our expert staff takes the time to get to know you/your situation and only offer the right solution – even if it means pointing you in the direction of a competitor.

Both professional and domestic customers are welcome.

Picking the Right Lawnmower

Investing in the right lawnmower will save you time, money and give you the perfect finish every time.

There are four things to consider when choosing a new lawnmower: power, mobility, convenience and utility.

Take a look at our lawnmower top picks.


Petrol lawnmowers have a powerful 4-stroke engine and provide unparalleled performance.

Suitable for both professional and domestic use, the petrol lawnmower has no trouble tackling even the most challenging of lawns and can cope with uneven surfaces and frequent/prolonged use.

For better fuel efficiency and lower emissions, look out for models with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection).

Currently, electric lawnmowers are more suited to domestic use. Compact and easy to maintain, they are great for small lawns and occasional use, but lack the power and capability of a petrol.

Manual lawnmowers are the cheapest option as you provide the power to make them move. These are ideal for cost-conscious customers are people that don’t mind the workout!

Check out our petrol vs electric FAQs for more information.


There are two types of electric lawnmower: battery (cordless) and mains (corded).

Cordless provide more freedom but are restricted to charge/size of the battery. If cutting large areas, you may want to consider purchasing a spare battery or a “fast-charge unit” (only available for certain models).

Corded electric products require a nearby socket. They are not recommended for anyone requiring unrestricted movement or are working in a remote area. The cable also presents a health & safety risk as it can get in the way of cutting.

All petrol lawnmowers are cordless.


Many of the latest petrol and electric lawnmowers are “self-propelled” and move on their own at either a set speed or variable speed. This eliminates the need to push.

Hover lawnmowers glide over the grass requiring less physical effort but may struggle with uneven surfaces or tall grass. They do not have a grass collection compartment/basket.

For anyone seeking a completely automated solution, robotic lawnmowers will trim a designated area intermittently. They are weatherproof can charge themselves, but are not powerful enough to cut longer grass.

For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, check out our ride-on lawnmowers.


Long story short: cylinder blades provide a more precise cut but are more expensive to buy, service and maintain. Rotary blades are not as effective, but are more widely available and much cheaper.

For achieving a striped finish, you will need a lawnmower with a rear roller which crushes/presses grass on each pass.

Check out our cutting tool type/width FAQs for more information.

The majority of domestic lawnmowers come with a rear basket or compartment for grass clipping collection. They often have additional features such as a mulching/recycling plug to scatter the clippings (some even offer this functionality built in).

Check out our grass clipping collection FAQs for more information.

Top Selling Lawnmowers

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