The Efco DS3500T will reach places your lawnmower can’t.

Powered by a 36 cc engine, this small but powerful hand-held is perfect for tackling awkwardly positioned patches of grass/undergrowth as well as bushes or thin trees.

The Efco DS3500T makes light work of even the toughest terrain.


Power: Petrol
Engine type: 2-stroke
Engine size: 36 cc
Handle type: U-shape


A hardworking 2-stroke, 36 cc engine sits atop a slender but robust frame and delivers an intense and precise cutting force.


The Efco DS3500T has been engineered with dexterity in mind.

Operate with total freedom. No sockets required, no wires that get in the way, no battery to recharge – just fill up with fuel and away you go!


The Efco DS3500T tears through grass and weeds with ease.

Fitted with a U-shape handle, the Efco DS3500T is perfect when working on uneven surfaces

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