The highly versatile Efco MT 4400 turns wood into sawdust with ease.

Powered by a 43 cc engine, the Efco MT 4400 is great for cutting, felling, carving, trimming and a lot more! A must-have addition to any professional or serious domestic gardener.


  • Power: Petrol
  • Engine: 2-stroke
  • Size: 43 cc
  • Bar length: 40cm/16 “



The Efco MT 4400 is powered by a ferocious 2-stroke, 43 cc engine allowing it to tear through material and cope with a range of complex cuts.

Suitable for both professional and serious domestic gardeners, you are safe in the knowledge that no matter how hazardous or dangerous the job, you have the right tool.


The chainsaw is the ultimate in versatility and the MT 4400 is no different.

As a petrol-fed beast, the MT 4400 allows for complete freedom when operating.

No wires, no recharging the battery, just fill up and go.


With a 40 cm/16 ” bar, the MT 4400 is perfect for long cuts and provides a quick and efficient cut with low kickback (recoil).

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