Powerful, durable, and reliable. Petrol powered with an industrial grade engine, the Hansa C7 Chipper is ideal for those with larger gardens or a smallholding. Simply feed your branches into the input chute and watch as the chippings fly out the other side at a perfect angle to land on a trailer or stockpile.


Power: Petrol

Chipping capacity: 7cm diameter

Engine type: Honda GX200

Inlet chute size: 13 x 15 cm

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The Hansa C7 Chipper is powered by petrol with a 3.1L fuel tank. It also has an industrial grade 6.5HP Honda GX200 engine which is powerful and easy to start.


With its 27cm pneumatic wheels, the Hansa C7 Chipper can be easily wheeled around your outdoor space making it accessible wherever you need it.


Made from steel with a rust proof zinc coating, the C7 Chipper is built to be long lasting. The self-feeding mechanism is sustained by the draft from the cutting disk. This pulls foliage into the chipper and expels it into the air making it easy to collect the chips on a stockpile or trailer.

The C7 Chipper has in-built Soft Start Technology which means belts have been placed between the engine and cutting disc. This protects its engine from shock loading as well as ensuring that the chipper runs smoothly.

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