With a high-performance 190 cc petrol engine, the Hayter R53S can perform a variety of tasks safely, quickly and efficiently.

This machine is ideal for both professional and domestic users.

Its extreme manoeuvrability, smooth drive and high work rate make the Hayter R53S an extremely rapid and efficient machine while at the same time being very easy to use.


  • Power: Petrol
  • Engine type: 4-stroke
  • Engine size: 190 cc
  • Drive: 4-wheel, self-propelled
  • Blade quantity/type: x1 rotary
  • Max cutting width: 53 cm/21″
  • Grass clipping collection: Rear basket (55 L) and built-in mulching



Equipped with a high-performance 4-stroke petrol 190 cc engine, the Hayter R53S is a robust, economical and unrelenting mowing force.

Perfect for medium-large gardens.

Mobility & Convenience

The 4-wheel, self-propelled R53S allows for effortless operation.

Make cords a thing of the past. The R53S doesn’t need sockets, is not limited to the length of a cord and has no battery to recharge – just fill up with fuel and away you go!

Fully adjustable handlebars fitted as standard.


The 6 position height adjustable 53 cm/21″ rotary blade allows for maximum adaptability and can cope with various terrain and grass lengths.

The R53S comes with a rear grass collection basket (55 L) and disposes of clippings via the rear or side vents or built-in mulching.

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