Powerful, easy to use and reliable. Equipped with multiple features to make it efficient, safe, and quick to start. Cordless and powered by petrol to give you freedom from power sockets and battery charging times. Just fuel up and off you go.


Power: Petrol

Bar length: 35cm

Cylinder displacement: 38㎤

Power output: 1.6 kW



Powered by petrol, Husqvarna’s 135 Mark II Chainsaw is equipped with an X-Torq© engine which not only reduces exhaust emission levels but also reduces fuel consumption.


The cordless petrol powered chainsaw is designed for easy handling, making light work of all your DIY and garden maintenance jobs.


The specially designed fuel pump and SmartStart© technology (with up to 40% reduced starter cord resistance) makes starting up your chainsaw quick and easy. The combined choke and stop control also makes the chainsaw easy to start and reduces the risk of the engine flooding. Air injection is also used to reduce wear to the filter and make the filter last longer between cleaning. 

Safety & Security

Equipped with LowVib©, using the chainsaw is safer and more comfortable. The users arms and hands are protected thanks to the anti-vibration dampeners which absorb the chainsaws vibrations.

The 135 Mark II also has an inertia-activated chain brake and a side mounted chain tensioner, making it quick and easy to tighten the chain without touching the sharp chain.

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