Similar to the 305, the Husqvarna Automower 315 Mark II is a compact yet lightweight robotic lawnmower that’s able to cover a much larger area of 1,500 m². Ideal for those with bigger, complex lawns, its 4-wheeled design means it can handle slopes with a 40% incline and guide itself through narrow passages with ease. 

Featuring a super smart weather timer, frost guard and the ability to control it from your smartphone – plus easy cleaning with a hose – the Automower 315 Mark II is your ticket to reliable, convenient, hands-off mowing.


Power: Rechargeable battery
Blade quantity/type: 3 pivoting razor blades
Max cutting width: 22cm/8.6”
Slope management: Up to 40%
Working area capacity: (±20) 1,500 m²
Control: App-controlled via Bluetooth (Connect@HOME)
Boundary setting: Patented guide wire

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Equipped with a rechargeable 2.1 Ah lithium ion battery, the Automower 315 Mark II is a robust yet lightweight robotic mower that uses little energy (and produces no emissions) to create professional-looking results.

Ideal for larger, complex lawns, the typical mow time from one charge is 70 minutes, while the typical charging time is 60 minutes. Featuring automatic charging, the mower will simply return to its charging station when its battery is low.

Mobility & Convenience 

With no cords or fuel and almost completely hands-free, it’s incredibly convenient. Simply schedule and control the mower using the Bluetooth-controlled app on your smartphone (Connect@HOME) and have it mow as little or as often as you like. Complete with 3 remote start points for uniform cutting and the ability to find its way through narrow passages, it’s super intelligent. 

The Automower 315 Mark II’s flexible charging station placement simplifies the installation and ensures reliable docking every time. It’s also easy to clean the outside and underneath the robotic mower using a garden hose – with a removable cover to reach every corner.


The Husqvarna Automower 315 Mark II is a waste-free mulching mower, which re-circulates super fine grass cuttings across your lawn to quickly decompose and release nutrients back into the soil.

The weather timer adjusts the working time to your lawn’s growth rate, so your grass is never under or over-mowed, while the frost guard is designed to interrupt the schedule in frosty weather to protect your lawn. Plus its spiral and spot cutting means it can even out grass height differences and cut areas of longer grass (such as underneath garden furniture). 

The 315 Mark II can handle cutting heights at a maximum of 50mm and a minimum of 20mm, while coping with slopes up to 40%. Plus it only weighs 9.4kg, so it’s light enough to pick up and store away in the winter.

Safety & Security

Lift and tilt sensors automatically stop the blades when the mower’s lifted or tipped over, while obstacles will be redirected around without causing damage. Restricted by the boundaries set by the guide wire, it’s easy to control its whereabouts. 

And for theft protection, it emits a high-sounding alarm if carried away, which can only be deactivated with a unique PIN code.

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