Ideal for larger, complex lawns, the Kress KR113 OAS Robotic Lawnmower is as smart as they come with ultrasonic OAS (obstacle avoidance system) to intelligently navigate around trees and obstacles. Plus its side trim technology means this powerful yet quiet robotic lawnmower’s blades shift to the side to mow closer to the edges, so you’re left with perfectly manicured borders without the hard work.

Controlled via your smartphone or the LED display, the Kress KR113 is great for areas up to 2,700 m² and can handle slopes up to 20 degrees.


Power: Rechargeable battery
Blade quantity/type: 3 pivoting blade rotary disc
Max cutting width: 22cm/8.6”
Slope management: Up to 20 degrees
Working area capacity: 2,700 m²
Control: WLAN or Bluetooth via smartphone or LED display
Boundary setting: Boundary wire

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Equipped with a rechargeable 5.7 Ah lithium ion battery, the Kress KR113 is a robust yet lightweight robotic lawnmower that uses little energy (and produces no emissions) to create professional-looking results.

Ideal for larger, complex lawns, the typical mow time from one charge is 100 minutes, while the typical charging time is 2 hours. Featuring automatic charging, the mower will simply return to its charging station when its battery is low.

Mobility & Convenience 

With no cords or fuel and almost completely hands-free, it’s incredibly convenient. Simply control and schedule the mower using WLAN or Bluetooth via your smartphone – or the LED display. Better yet, a network of local weather stations tells it how fast your grass is growing and the Kress KR113 will automatically adjust its schedule accordingly, so your lawn is always at its healthiest.  

While its INTIVA Intelligent Navigation Technology optimises its route to the most efficient and time-effective way, the ultrasonic OAS (obstacle avoidance system) allows the mower to avoid and slalom between trees and other obstacles with ease.


The Kress KR113 is a waste-free mulching mower, which re-circulates super fine grass cuttings across your lawn to quickly decompose and release nutrients back into the soil.

Plus its non-intrusive charging station has holes in it to let your grass grow through and stay manicured like the rest of your lawn. A healthier alternative to conventional base stations that kill the grass underneath, the Kress charging station charges your robotic mower while being virtually invisible.

The Kress KR113 can handle cutting heights at a maximum of 60mm and a minimum of 30mm, while coping with slopes up to 20 degrees. Plus it only weighs 12.1kg, so it’s light enough to pick up and store away in the winter.

Safety & Security

Lift and tilt sensors automatically stop the blades when the mower’s lifted or tipped over, while obstacles will be redirected around without causing damage. Restricted by the boundaries set by the guide wire, it’s easy to control its whereabouts. 

And for theft protection, it emits a high-sounding alarm if carried away, which can only be deactivated with a unique PIN code.

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