Ease of use, reliability, and technology come together to create the powerful Kress Mission RTKn 3000 KR173E. With built-in technology like the RBS (Regenerative Braking System), MAP (Mowing Action Plan), and OAS (Obstacle Avoidance System), the KR173E is able to produce top quality, professional mowing results. All while remaining lightweight (at just 12.2kg) and quiet (producing just 59 db of noise). Connected to the RTKn satellite network, this mower is convenient, efficient, and will leave your lawn looking beautiful.


  • Power: Rechargeable battery
  • Max cutting width: 20cm
  • Slope management: Up to 40%
  • Max working area capacity: 5,000 ㎡
  • Boundary settings: Satellite guided

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Powered by a rechargeable 4 Ah lithium ion battery, the Kress Mission RTKn 3000 KR173E is a robust yet lightweight robotic lawnmower that creates professional-looking results. Taking just 90 minutes to fully charge, you can rely on this mower to always be ready for action.


With no cords or fuel, it’s an easy and convenient way to keep your lawn under control. Due to the Kress RTKn network, your mower is satellite guided with centimetre-level accuracy. This means that you don’t need to mess around with boundary wire or fixed reference antennas. And if your mower comes across an unmapped obstacle, the OAS (Obstacle Avoidance System) will detect it and manoeuvre the mower around the obstacle.

What happens when the link between the satellites and your mower is blocked by a tree or a building? It’s not a problem. The dead reckoning algorithm uses the mower’s inertial and odometry data to accurately do its job until it can reconnect with the network. 

Equipped with MAP™ (Mowing Action Plan), the Kress Mission RTKn 3000 KR173E can mow lawns up to 5,000 sqm every 72 hours (although we recommend 3,000 sqm every 48 hours). The multi-zone management allows the mower to independently manage different areas and efficiently follow the quickest route to and from its charging station.


The Kress Mission RTKn 3000 KR173E grass cutting height can be electronically adjusted with 7 height positions to choose from, starting with a minimum height of 30mm and extending to a maximum height of 60mm. Even when mowing uneven terrain, the mower will stick to the programmed cutting height thanks to the auto-levelling cutting disc.

The IoT functionality connects the mower to cellular data and networks. This keeps the mower’s software updated, ensures you can track your mower if it goes missing or is stolen, and allows the mower to follow a weather-related working schedule. But don’t worry about the mower being out in the rain, as it is weather resistant and is IPX5 rated meaning it can withstand being hose washed (even underneath).

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