The Stihl 181 Petrol Chainsaw is strong and powerful while being lightweight, easy to use, and efficient. Powered by petrol, this cordless chainsaw gives you the freedom to do your DIY work and garden maintenance without the restriction of power sockets and battery charging times. 


Power: Petrol

Bar length: 35-40cm

Engine type: 2-MIX

Power output: 1.5 kW



Powered by petrol and equipped with advanced combustion technology, the 181 Chainsaw is efficient and powerful. The 2-MIX engine reduces exhaust emissions by up to 50% and consumes up to 20% less fuel than engines without 2-MIX engines.


Stihl’s 181 Petrol Chainsaw is cordless and weighs just 4.3kg making it mobile, lightweight, and easy to use. 


This chainsaw has multiple built-in features that make it long-lasting and easy to use. The pre-separation air filtration system pre-cleans the air before it enters the air filter, meaning your air filter will have a longer life. 

The chainsaw operates with a single lever which includes the start, choke, throttle, and stop functions. There’s also no need for tools as the fuel and oil tanks are easy to open, close, and lock by hand.

Safety & Security

The 181 is equipped with anti-vibration technology which not only makes using the chainsaw comfortable but also makes it safer. This technology protects the user from vibrations that can have long-lasting effects on the blood vessels in their arms and hands.

Another safety feature of the 181 is the tensioning screw found through the sprocket cover on the side of the chainsaw. This lets you tighten the chain without risking injury by having to touch the sharp chain.

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