This blower is perfect for all your leaf blowing needs. Whether it’s to clear an area of grass or a dusty path, Stihl’s BG 86 Petrol Blower will do the job. Handheld, cordless, and powered by petrol to give you the freedom to clear your outdoor area without being held back by cords, battery charging, and plug sockets.


Power: Petrol

Engine type: 2-stroke

Nozzle type: Flat and round

Blowing speed: 76 m/s



The BG 86 is powered by petrol and has a 2-stroke engine with reduced-emission technology. This means the engine uses up to 20% less fuel than regular 2-stroke engines.


Cordless and weighing just 4.4kg, the BG 86 is lightweight, mobile, and easy to use. 


The integrated HD2 filter makes the blower functional in dusty areas while remaining easy to clean. The blower also has a 2-MIX engine, both a round and flat nozzle, and an anti-static soft grip handle.

With a built in stop switch and a throttle lock, it is quick and easy to turn off your blower with just a press of a button and restart it once it’s been at standstill. This is due to the ignition automatically activating again after its being at standstill.

Safety & Security

Stihl has integrated multiple safety features into this blower to make it safer for users. The blower is designed with ElastoStart technology to protect your joints and muscles by deflecting the compression shock to the spring and rubber in the starter handle.

The blower is also built with an anti-vibration system to protect the blood vessels in your arms and hands from the blower vibrations.

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