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Arb & Grounds are the largest supplier of strimmers & brushcutters in Derby.

We are official suppliers of Stihl, Husqvarna, Mitox, Cobra and many others.

As well as selling, we also service and repair any of the above brands (plus a lot more) in our specialist workshop.

Committed to providing exceptional customer service, our expert staff take time to get to know you/your situation and only offer the right solution – even if it means pointing you in the direction of a competitor.

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Picking the Right Strimmer or Brushcutter

A strimmer or brushcutter can reach the places a lawnmower cannot. But, choosing the wrong type will make your life harder.

There are three things you need to consider when buying a strimmer or brushcutter: power, mobility and utility.

Take a look at our strimmer and brushcutter top picks.


Most brushcutters have a powerful 2-stroke petrol engine which, when coupled with a plastic or steel blade, make light work of wild undergrowth, bushes and thin trees – perfect for professional use.

For better fuel efficiency and lower emissions, look out for models with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection).

Entry level electric strimmers and brushcutters are good at handling smaller, domestic jobs such as cutting tall grass or light weeds. There are more powerful models (higher wattage and with different blade types) that are also suitable for professional use.

Although still not as powerful as their petrol counterparts, they are favoured by some businesses because they have no pollution/no emissions, are easier to maintain and are quieter.

Check out our petrol vs electric FAQs for more information.


There are two types of electric strimmers and brushcutters: battery (cordless) and mains (corded).

Even with the advancement in battery technology, cordless strimmers and brushcutters – although allowing for more freedom – will lose charge quite quickly, especially against tough undergrowth. If cutting large areas, you may want to consider purchasing a spare battery or a “fast-charge unit” (only available for certain models).

Corded electric products require a nearby socket. They are not recommended for anyone requiring unrestricted movement or are working in a remote area. The cable also presents a health & safety risk as it can get in the way of cutting.

All petrol brushcutters are cordless.


There are three main types of cutting tool. It’s worth noting that some strimmers and brushcutters allow for more than one type.

Generally, strimmers use nylon line of varying thickness. The thicker the line, the better the cut. Better for domestic use.

Brushcutters are fitted with either steel or plastic blades and can face tougher vegetation. Better suited to contractors/businesses.

Check out our cutting tool type/width FAQs for more information.

Strimmers and brushcutters usually have a choice of two handles: D-loop or U-shape.

D-loop handles are ideal for spot clearing patches of thistles, nettles and brambles. They are also better for working on uneven surfaces.

A U-shape handle is better when cutting tall grass for long periods of time and when on flat surfaces.

Top Selling Strimmers & Brushcutters

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